Wednesday, April 01, 2020

(Courtesy of MTA) Last Thursday, the MTA Lions took the one hour bus ride to square off against the JEC Thunder. JEC had started the season winless and were looking to turn everything around. MTA was coming off of a successful week and was looking to get their longest JV softball winning streak in three years. Both teams got off to a slow start, with no runs in the first couple of innings. In the start of the third inning, the Lions caught fire with a two-out rally that started when Max Korenman hit in Dovid Uretsky. After that, the Lions broke through with four more runs scored by Gavi Wagner, Noam Steinmetz, Yehuda Teitleman and Dani Wolk. Then, with the help of, a season high seven strikeouts from Teitleman, the Lions were able to get their second shutout in a row. With the win, the Lions playoff hopes stay alive. The Lions also gave tribute to their two year players Mordechai Gelernter, Noam Steinmetz (catcher) and captain Akiva Kra (outfield). Additionally, MTA thanks Burgers and Grill for sponsoring the jerseys.