Sunday, August 25, 2019

BBO Treepointplay’s Yos Kahn at bat.

BBO Treepointplay’s Yosef Rosenberg throwing strike.

BBO Treepointplay’s Shua Kopstick after stealing second base.

Broncos 4 Girls Orange are all smiles post their thrilling OT championship victory in the Hoop Heaven spring AAU league.

Broncos 5 Girls after a tough and hard fought championship loss this past spring AAU season. This team went from two wins the previous season to a championship run this season. Truly inspiring.

Broncos 8 Girls after their hard fought come-from-behind spring AAU championship victory. Paige Ratner, missing from photo.

Broncos 4 Blue post their thrilling and intense championship victory this week in the spring AAU basketball league.

Broncos 2 Orange enjoying their post championship victory in this past seasons spring AAU league.

Broncos K White post their exciting Kindergarten Slam Jam. All kids, all smiles, all the time.

Winners of the Hoop Heaven spring league championship.