Monday, April 06, 2020

Early action acceptance letters are rolling in for Bruriah High School seniors, and the moments of pride are increasing. Bruriah students have received early action and early decision acceptance letters from some of the following prestigious programs and universities: Barnard College, Harvard University, Stern Honors and SUNY Binghamton.

While students expect many more acceptance letters to arrive in the coming months, the joy they had experienced at gaining awareness about the next chapter of their lives is so exciting for teachers and administrators. Associate Principal Shlomis Peikes shared that, “It is a great honor to watch our students pursue their college education at such prestigious institutions that we all worked hard to prepare them for. We wish each and every student entering university hatzlacha and continued success.” Sherri Klagsbrun and Samantha Hauptman of the college guidance department prepare each individual student in a comprehensive way, offering support and empowerment. Senior Rivka Marcus shares how, “A member of the college guidance team pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and apply to the Stern Honors Program. After receiving my acceptance letter, I feel both appreciative of her support and grateful that I had the guidance to aim higher.”