Sunday, February 23, 2020

(Courtesy of RYNJ) RYNJ held its first annual alumni three on three basketball tournament this past Sunday at the RYNJ Felman Athletic Center. After food and warm-ups, the participants and spectators listened to a dvar Torah by Head of School Rabbi Daniel Price which highlighted the importance of exercise and physical activity. Director of Athletics Dan Sanacore then addressed the gymnasium with a thank you to the event’s sponsor Dr. Michael Wiederkehr and the Center for Dermatology, in Paramus, followed by reviewing how the tournament would run. The tournament had over 40 participants on 10 different teams, with alumni ranging from as recent as last year to as far back as 1989. Each team was guaranteed three games including two seeding games and one playoff game. The tournament had state-certified officials overseeing each game, many of which were very close including two double-overtime games. The championship game included Avi, Hillel and Yonatan Kaye up against Tani Engel, Pacey Jacoby and Dani Pfeiffer. Similar to what was seen throughout the evening, the game went into overtime. In the end the Engel-Jacoby-Pfeiffer trio came out on top, winning this year’s tournament. RYNJ is excited to host this event in future years!