Wednesday, April 01, 2020

This year’s Frisch JV Cougars Softball Team is on the “pursuit of perfection.” The team, led by coaches Mike Sohn and Ilan Weitzman have finished the season 6-0, with high hopes for the postseason.

The Cougars this year are a special team. Star catcher and receiver of the most hustle/determination award, Isaac Aronoff, has been a presence at the plate this season with what could have been a home run…if he didn’t miss third base. Isaac Weinstock, star outfielder has impressed both at the plate and in the field. Andrew Langer, a two-year vet, has come back hungry for a championship. Even the newbies of the team have come prepared to win, like Jon Katzman who has had a ridiculous season so far. The rest of the squad: Matt Rosenblatt, Jacob Levine, Judah Adler, Isaac Raphael Laifer, Avery Penn, Scott Levine, Jordan Soclof, Yakir “Yak” Judas, Seth Forman, and Johnny Newman are all ready to bring home the trophy this year.

With all the walk-offs, grilling, and laughs, it sure is going to be one interesting postseason for the Cougars.

By Johnny Newman