Sunday, February 23, 2020

As the ball was drilled up the middle, the winning run trotted home from 3rd and the Heschel Heat defeated the JEC Chargers 14-4 this past Sunday. It was the first time all season long that the mercy rule had been enforced on the team. Luckily, it was game one of a double-header and the Chargers had a chance to get right back on the horse just a few minutes later. Distressed by their worst loss of the season, the Chargers held a players-only meeting before game two. Whatever was said in the meeting must have hit home, as the Chargers struck early in game two with five first inning runs. The Heat battled back scoring three runs in the sixth, but the Chargers ultimately held on to win 6-4.

When asked what changed between the two games, JEC senior Yair Adler replied, “We just had to start trusting in our ability. We know we’re a good and talented team, but we needed to start showing it on the field.”

This is the story of the JEC baseball team. They fight back through adversity and whatever challenges come their way. Throughout their long and storied history, the Chargers have only one championship banner to show. The championship drought has lasted over a decade, but the Chargers look poised to make a deep run into the playoffs this year.

Their push for the playoffs continues this Sunday May 25 against the Frisch Cougars.

By Yoav Roth