Monday, February 17, 2020

What a spectacu­lar game for the fans to watch. On May 28th, the undefeated (11-0) Moriah 6b basketball team played against the Noam Knights in the new gym at TABC for the YMSSA sixth grade boys’ championship game. It was a packed house!

The season couldn’t have got any better for the Moriah squad as it was now celebrating something new: its first championship by beat­ing Noam 35-26.

It all started with the tipoff between the two skyscrapers, Mo­riah’s Gaby Katz and Noam’s Billy Krause. The first basket was scored by Krause as he backed down Katz. However, Moriah’s Isaac Horowitz retaliated by finishing off a nice pass by Rafi Lewis to even the score at 2. The first quarter ended with a buzzer beater by Moriah’s Aaron Lubat to even the score at 8.

During the second quarter of play, Noam got the hot hand from Krause, who scored 7 in that quarter as he led Noam with 11 points fol­lowed by Yoni Mann with 7 points. Although Noam dominated in the second quarter, Mori­ah still had some action, as Jon Comet scored on a sweet euro step. Noam looked hungrier than any team Moriah had faced before. Noam even went on to lead in the first half 14-13, mak­ing it the first time Moriah has ever been down by halftime.

As the second half started, Krause was pulled out of the game due to foul trouble. After that, Moriah started to pull away. Mori­ah was led by Katz with 10 points, followed by Horowitz with 8 points. Moriah opened up the quarter on a 9-2 run; Horowitz had 4 of those points. The run was followed by a couple of beastly blocks by Katz, as he led the team with 5. Moriah’s defense was incredible, finishing the game with 19 steals, with Lewis making 8 of them. As the third quarter came to an end, Moriah was in the lead, 27-20.

When the fourth quarter started, both teams were facing very hostile crowds. Moriah and Noam were neck and neck, although Mo­riah still had the lead. The game came down to the final minute as the score reached 29-26. With the clock at one minute and ten seconds, Lewis had his most important play of the sea­son. He stole the ball and went on a fast break to try to put his team up five points. As he put up his floater, the ball spun around the rim for what seemed like an eternity, only to fall in and become the most important basket of the sea­son. That play didn’t only put Moriah up by 5, but it also raised all of the squad’s spirits to get them back into the game.

It was a very close game, but the re­bounding says it all, as Moriah out-re­bounded Noam 36-32. As the final buzzer sounded, the “Sixth Man” cheering squad barged on to the court and celebrated with the Moriah champions. It was a fantastic season for both Moriah and Noam. Moriah now waits for its trophy ceremony.

By Zach Horowitz