Thursday, April 02, 2020

As the fans piled in to the TABC gym, the stakes were high. The championship game is the last game of the season and each team is determined to make the trophy their own.

As the first period began, Frisch scored the first goal. A few minutes later, first-liner Alex Fuchs made the first Ma’ayanot goal. Frisch then scored anoth­er goal raising the score 2-1. Fol­lowing Alex was Yonina Silver­man, making the score 2-2. As the clock ticked, the intensity continued to build as the coach­es kept throwing different com­binations of players onto the floor to break the tie.

Ally Margulies answered the call and brought the Rapids up by one. Once the gates were open, Shira Sohn scored, 4-2 Ma’ayanot. Lastly, Aliza Kaszovitz scored the final goal at the end of the third period bringing the score to 5-2. Ma’ayanot had won the championship game!

The team was proud of the tremendous effort from goalies Sarah Hiller and Malka Schneidman.

Thank you to all the players on the team for another wonderful season.

By Hudi Owrutsky and Liat Clark