Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Local Teens Got Cool Jobs at U.S Open

For about two weeks at the end of the summer one sport takes over the New York sports scene. Professional Tennis is the game and everyone wants to get in on the U. S. Open action. A-Rod and Rex Ryan take a back seat to Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and the likes. Yet despite all the glamour of the big names, a professional tennis match would be

Teaneck Breaks Ground for New Sports Complex in Votee Park

On September 10th 2013, a large group of Teaneck residents witnessed a historic event. On the eve of the 12th anniversary of the fall of the Twin Towers, the town broke ground on the future home of Teaneck Athletics. Township Manager William Broughton proudly reminded all assembled that “the township of Teaneck produces elite athletes and will

Cmek Slam Jam Mini Camps

CMEK Sports recently hosted Erev Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur slam-jam mini-camps. The camps featured a myriad of sports, games and activities geared towards making it a totally fun experience for everyone. Boys and girls Pre-K to Grade 6 participated from all the local yeshivot.

Max Schachter of Yeshivat Noam (pictured on right with

Yasher Koach of the Week: Tali and Adira Fuchs

Tali and Adira Fuchs were recipients of gold medals at the recent Bergenfield PAL Soccer Skills Competition. Tali, 8 and Adira, 5, each dazzled the crowd with their ball handling skills and offensive prowess on their way to winning the top prize in each of their respective age categories. When asked about the secret to their success, Tali and Adira unanimously

CrossFit/Thinking Outside the Fitness Box

Dressed in a suit on a Friday evening, I’d stare at the mirror and a face I didn’t recognize would blankly gaze back at me. It was the image of someone I didn’t want to be: someone overweight and unhealthy; someone who didn’t have the tools to be motivated; someone who had physical goals, but didn’t know how to attain them. I wasn’t happy with

Maccabi 14U Basketball - Summer Experience Of a Lifetime

This summer I had the privilege of representing the JCC of the Palisades in 14U division Maccabi games in Orange County, California. The team consisted of some Bergen County’s top 14-year-old ball players: Isaac Blumenthal, Zac Commet, Evan Froman, Elie Kern, David Lifshitz, Creg Rosen, Yisroel Soloman, Ben Stein, Daniel Wisotsky and myself. The five days we

Jewish Link of Bergen County Yasher Koach of the week: Aidan Marks

Six-year-old Aidan Marks recently took home first place honors in the Bergenfield PAL Soccer competition. Each competitor had to compete in an obstacle course of speed and skill based drills; Marks finished with the best time and highest scores in his division.

Aidan’s father told the JLBC that in addition to being tremendously proud of his

Steppin Up at Step It Up?

It’s the last week of August and your son has just returned from an amazing adventure at camp. As you look at the daunting mound of laundry before you, realization sets in. I am not talking about the realization that you have hours of laundry and delousing ahead of you. The yom tovim have not yet arrived and the kids have not yet had their first day of

Elite Wins 4th B’nai B’rith Men’s Softball Championship

The Elite began its season with several new players. Key new additions were Rob (1B, 2B), Joe M. (3B) and Dennis (1B).

The Elite, which was the result of a merger with the Mishpuchah and the Bombers several years ago, now has its fourth championship under its belt to go along with two losses in the finals. Four players, Joe S. (OF), Ben (OF), Larry (C)

CMEK Raises the Bar

Since 1997 CMEK has been the premier basketball developmental program in Bergen County, New Jersey. This past summer many local athletes participated in the Cmek camp experience: Carly Sheinfeld (YN), Mollie Orlinsky (YN), Yakira Keiser (YN), Gert Slevin (Moriah), Jordan Janowski (SSDS), Sabre Zimmer (SSDS), Danielle Rothschild (YN) and Elaine Ratner (YN).

Knockers Win Bnai Yeshurun Leaugue Championship

What happens when you lose multiple key players to injuries while dropping five of your first six games of a new season? That may sound like a recipe for a one-way ticket down to Congregation Bnai Yeshurun Men’s Club Softball’s B League, but for the Knockers, the unlikely answer was the 2013 A League title. The Knockers overcame a slow start to the season

The Rattlers: Almost Snake Bit

The Rinat Rattlers won the B league championship, sweeping a doubleheader against the Lamplighters and avenging an in-season loss. The Rattlers turned four double plays and had key hits to cap a very streaky season which saw them win their first four games, lose five and then finish the regular season on a five game win streak. Due to some complex math that