Wednesday, February 19, 2020

On July 2nd and 3rd Guilford, NY was the proud host of the inaugural Mesorah Opympic games. In the Mesorah Olympics, the campers were chosen to represent the following countries: Argentina, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Ireland. Make no mistake, this is not color war. It is a purely athletic competition consisting of marathons and head-to-head competition. The games were hatched so that campers who are only at Mesorah for the first month would be able to participate in a Color War experience.

The Olympics began with an amazing opening ceremony. The head counselors from boys and girls campuses led all of the campers to light the Olympic flame. The campers then had a great time over the two-day competition, each one pushing to the limit to win the gold medal. Local camper captains, Ezra Seplowitz and Dovy Fuchs from the boy’s campus and Temima Guzman from girl’s campus, all played vital roles in this exciting and challenging event.

Congratulations to Team Argentina on an amazing Olympic win!

In addition to the Mesorah Olympic Games, the camp also participated in several record breaking events. As a fun camp-wide activity, Camp Mesorah set seven new world records this summer! Starting with an exciting trip to the Binghamton Mets baseball game, Mesorah campers and staff beat the record for the most people simultaneously throwing a ceremonial first pitch at a professional baseball game. Previous Guinness Record: 111 Mesorah Official Results: 217. A few other new records:

Most People Simultaneously Popping Bubble Wrap

Previous Guinness Record: 366; Mesorah Official Results: 542

Most People Simultaneously Spinning Tops

Previous Guinness Record: 377; Mesorah Official Results: 416

Most People Doing Chest Bumps

Previous Guinness Record: 446; Mesorah Official Result: 498

Camp Mesorah has once again found a way to take camping excellence to the next level!