Tuesday, November 12, 2019

ACHI, American Communities Helping Israel, has partnered with congregations across America and Canada to launch Klee Shabbat. The Klee Project was created to counter BDS and change its meaning to Buy-Display-Support Israel. The Klee is a dish to be filled and refilled with Israeli products, proudly displayed in every home, synagogue, classroom, dorm room and office. With this in mind, ACHI is asking all congregations across the United States and Canada to introduce The Klee Commitment through a Klee Shabbat.

At Klee Shabbat, each rabbi will introduce The Klee Project during the sermon, asking every family to dedicate a Klee or dish in their home to be filled and refilled each week with products from Israel. At Kiddush/collation following services, there will be a table with Klees filled with products from Israel for all to enjoy.

Klee Shabbat has already enjoyed success in Baltimore, Maryland, and Skokie, Illinois.

ACHI is a not-for-profit organization run completely by volunteers. Its two main goals are to keep Israel in the hearts and minds of all Jews in the diaspora and to support Israel’s economy.

ACHI’s tag line is “Think Israel—Buy Israeli.”

For more information, please visit www.theklee.org and www.achi613.org. ACHI can also be reached at [email protected]