Wednesday, December 11, 2019

(Jpost) Norwegian Cruise Line launched a new kosher menu for all passengers for no extra charge, this week. Furthermore, if there is a group of over 60 people, fresh kosher food will be cooked on board in a kosher kitchen.

“We are now setting a new standard in the global industry, and now kosher, rich and varied food will be part of the culinary experience we offer in all of our ships,” said Nick Wilkinson, vice president of Norwegian Cruise Line.

Passengers will be able to have kosher food on all cruises as long as they order them 30 days in advance. The meals will be under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union and catered by Borenstein Caterers.

Those who opt for a kosher meal will be able to choose from a variety of options including meat, chicken, fish, etc. The meal will also come packaged with sealed dishes. Each meal will consist of a first course, main course, two additional side dishes and dessert.

“More and more Israeli families are choosing to take vacations on our luxury cruise ships, and we see great importance in providing suitable solutions to the kosher-keeping public among our Israeli and worldwide customers,” Wilkinson said. “The decision to serve kosher meals at no extra cost is a testament to the great importance we attach to this market.”

Special consideration will also be taken for Shabbat and holiday meals. On Shabbat, guests can receive challah and red or white wine, and on Passover, guests can register in advance for matzah. Additionally, the ships will be decorated for holidays such as Chanukah, and rooms will be available for those who wish to light candles or pray.