Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Talia Rosen Is ‘Experiencing’ Bar Ilan’s Israel Experience

Talia Rosen is studying at Bar Ilan XP in the Ramat Ef’al neighborhood of Ramat Gan. She grew up in Teaneck and attended Frisch for high school. Her family davens at Young Israel of Teaneck, and in the summers she has attended Camp Moshava IO.

Her next stop? Rutgers School of

Critics Have Problem With Israelis, Not Bibi

By Jonathan S. Tobin/JNS

The last time the outcome of a U.S. presidential election was as decisive as the vote held last week in Israel, Americans were pretty much unanimous as to what to call it. The word was landslide. And that’s why those American groups and denominations that wasted no

Have Remains of Eli Cohen, Mossad Spy in Syria, Been Found?

(JNS) Rumors circulated over the weekend that a Russian team, possibly assisted by Syrian opposition groups, had extricated the remains of venerated Israeli spy Eli Cohen, evacuating him from Syria in an Israeli coffin and preparing to return him to Israel.

The legendary “our man in Damascus,” Cohen

Ocasio-Cortez Says Via Podcast That Reducing Aid to Israel Should Be ‘On the Table’

(JNS) U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who has compared retaliatory Israeli actions at the Gaza border against demonstrators urged on by Hamas to a “massacre,” said that decreasing the annual $3.8 billion in U.S. taxpayer assistance to Israel should certainly be “on the

Israeli and French Jewish Leaders Express Sorrow Over Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

(JNS) As the burning of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris sent shock waves around the world on Monday, Israeli and French Jewish leaders expressed their sorrow and condolences for the loss to French national culture the tragedy represents.

Trump Defends and Protects Israel From International Criminal Court

(JNS) In what can be seen as an incredible show of support for Israel, the U.S. administration included Israel in its efforts to block the International Criminal Court (ICC) from investigating war-crimes allegations. In a statement attributed to Trump, the White House said, “Since the

Netanyahu Implies That Israel Is Behind Latest Airstrike in Syria

(JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to imply that Israel was behind a weekend airstrike that targeted an Iranian-linked munitions factory in central Syria.

“We are continuing to operate on all fronts,

Israeli President Rivlin Set to Call on Netanyahu to Form Next Unity Government

(JNS) Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is expected to select Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form the next governing coalition.

He previously met with the leaders of the parties elected to the Knesset in last

Backlash Follows Proposed Quebec Ban on Yarmulkes, Religious Clothing

(JNS) A proposal introduced in Quebec last month to ban yarmulkes and other religious clothing has come under fire, with one Jewish mayor of a town in the Canadian province equating it to “ethnic cleansing.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also opposed the measure.

Israeli Scientists ‘Print’ World’s First 3D Heart With Human Tissue

A team of Israeli researchers has “printed” the world’s first 3-D, vascularized, engineered heart.

This week, a team of Tel Aviv University researchers revealed the heart, which was made using a patient’s own cells and biological material. Until now, scientists have successfully printed

Miriam Brickman Makes the Most of MMY

Miriam Brickman is studying at Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim (MMY) in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem. She was born in California but grew up in West Orange, attended JKHA in Livingston for elementary school and Bruriah for high school. Her family davens at Etz Chaim in Livingston.

A United Front: Leading by Example, Together

When speaking with Yosef Platt, it is impossible to ignore how he looks at his wife, Racheli. When she talks, his face radiates pride and it’s clear he is listening to her every word. At one point when asked a question, with a shy, deferential smile, he points to Racheli and says, “You should ask her, she’s better at this