Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Jewish Home Family Celebrates Its 98th Anniversary

Rockleigh—The Jewish Home Family will celebrate its 98th anniversary on Sunday, October 13, 2013 at The Rockleigh. The Family will honor one of the community’s most illustrious synagogues, Temple Emanu-El of Closter.

The synagogue’s commitment to the community begins with the leadership of Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner and the development of and

Lunch and Learn With Rabbi Marvin Tokayer

Fort Lee—On Tuesday, October 8th, at 12 Noon, at the Young Israel of Fort Lee, 1610 Parker Avenue, guest lecturer Rabbi Marvin Tokayer will present “Pepper, Silk and Ivory: The Exotic Jews of China, Japan and India.”

Rabbi Tokayer, a former U. S. Air Force Chaplain, was the rabbi of the Jewish community in Japan from 1968 to 1981. He is currently

Leket Family Gleaning

Moshav Nahalal—(near Afula in the Southern Galil). Leket Israel, Israel’s national food bank, feeds over 140,000 needy Israelis weekly from produce grown in farms scattered throughout the land. On Sunday of Chol Hamoed, they will be hosting a Glean for the Needy event, where all are invited to help harvest vegetables from the Leket farm in Moshav Nahalal. As a

Kaplen JCC Photo Exhibit

Kaplen JCC Photo Exhibit

The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades will be featuring the photography of Teaneck resident Devorah Rosen Goldman in October in a one-woman show. “Everyday Israel: Through A Digital Lens” contains 28 black-and-white and color images capturing everyday cityscapes and landscapes throughout Israel. The community is invited to attend the

NORPAC Welcomes Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor

Teaneck—Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) was hosted on Sunday morning by Drs. Mort & Esther Fridman in Teaneck. Representing Virginia’s 7th District, Eric Cantor has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2001. He was elected by his colleagues in the House to serve as the Majority Leader for the 112th and 113th Congresses.


Republican Jewish Coalition Hosts Ari Fleischer & Matt Brooks on 10/3

Teaneck—The Repubicans are coming to Teaneck for the October 3rd event, “The GOP and the Jewish Vote: A Conversation with Ari Fleischer and Matt Brooks.” It will take place at Bnai Yeshurun on West Englewood Ave. and Jefferson Street, and will be moderated by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky. The event is sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition

No Rockets Red Glare, Nor Bombs Bursting in Air

As U.S. President Barack Obama began his campaign to deploy American warships and bombers to punish the Assad regime for its use of chemical weapons against its own civilian population—a posture that involved passing the matter to Congress for its approval before any U.S. involvement commenced—in secret negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland this past week, Secretary



Taking into account the decision of the Syrian Arab Republic to accede to the Chemical Weapons Convention and the commitment of the Syrian authorities to provisionally apply the Convention prior to its entry into force, the United States and the Russian Federation express their joint determination to ensure

Fair Lawn Community Growing & Attracting Young Families

Fair Lawn—When a company has a new product, marketing executives spend lots of time and effort on branding—defining what makes the product unique, different, and special. Then they promote the product to customers looking for those features. It even works for communities. Congregation Shomrei Torah of Fair Lawn embarked on an ambitious program in 2005 to

No Syria Strikes Before Yom Tov - Congress Will Decide After Sept. 9 Menendez Hearings Started Tuesday

Washington—Last Shabbos President Barack Obama announced he wants to take limited military action in Syria as a consequence for what has proven to be a Sarin gas attack by the Assad government. In a forceful voice, the President spoke from the Rose Garden, “We are the United States of America. We cannot, and will not, turn a blind eye to what happened in

Cedar Market Makes its Debut

Teaneck—If you’re anything like me, when you heard that there was going to be yet another kosher supermarket opening in Teaneck, your first thought may have been “Really? Another one? Do we really need another kosher supermarket?”

With this (only slightly) cynical thought in mind, I headed over to Cedar Market at 646 Cedar Lane to see what

Syrian Air Force Keeping Chemical Weapons Survivors Pinned at Syria-Jordan Border

Victims of what is widely believed to be a chemical weapons attack against opposition-held suburbs of Damascus are facing a new crisis. Having fled southward nearly 75 miles from East Ghouta, the site of the attack, they are now being pinned in their places – and prevented from entering Jordan – by Syrian bombing runs:

Refugees say they have been